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Why mail multiple times to the same lien?

The vast majority of times, with very rare exceptions, you’re going to want to mail multiple times to every tax lien you contact. Why is this?

Let’s consider an example of one hit vs. multi-hit mailing. For approximately the same amount of money, you can send a mailer to 20,000 tax liens one time, or send 8 mailers to 2,500 mailers. If you get a 1% response rate from a one-time mailing, this is considered on the better side of things in the direct marketing world.

A 1% response rate to 20,000 mailers sent one time produces 200 prospects.

For multiple mailers, response rate compounds over time. Studies going back many decades demonstrate over and over that the majority of people respond AFTER the 5th contact attempt. If the aggregate response rate across 8 mailings is 10%, then we have 254 prospects to work with. This is 25% MORE prospects for the same marketing expenditure.

Most multi-hit mailings are built to be sequential, meaning that each mailing piece builds from the previous. This is an incredibly effective way to maximize the return on investment from your lead purchases.

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