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Federal Tax Liens Lists: Not Just For Tax Resolution

The average individual (1040) tax debtor for whom a federal tax lien is filed has approximately three years of unfiled tax returns that they will need prepared. As tax return filing season begins, it is a good idea to remind you that tax lien lists can be used to obtain new tax return clients, not just tax debt resolution clients.

By specifically targeting your direct mail marketing in particular to 1040 tax liens in your local area, you can bring in new 1040 return clients without ever even mentioning the tax lien, the tax debt situation, or even the unfiled returns.

The offer of reviewing the previous three years of tax returns has been a very successful marketing tactic for national tax return preparation franchises. When marketing to tax lien lists with a similar offer, you are reaching out to a target market that is more in need of this service than just about anybody else out there. Offering a free review of previous years of tax returns will speak to this market, and you never even have to mention the tax debt situation.

Since you can get market intelligently without mentioning the tax debt, sending postcards to federal tax lien lists of individuals with a tax lien filed against them will not seem unusual or raise any “red flags” in the prospect, since they will view it as the kind of tax season marketing that they’re already seeing this time of the year. You will need to differentiate yourself with a solid USP and a unique offer, but it will not raise the ire of the recipient in the way that some forms of tax resolution marketing sometimes can (which is just part of the territory, but this lets us avoid that).

If you are a licensed CPA or Enrolled Agent, I would highly encourage you to add local 1040 tax lien marketing to your tax season marketing plan. Send multiple postcards and letters to those tax liens in your immediate service area, spread out every ten to fourteen days, for the entirety of tax season. Don’t let these prime tax clients slip away!

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