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Detailed Explanation of Tax Lien “Token” System

In the past, this service has operated under a variety of different pricing options. Most often, there were tiered pricing plans, with decreasing per-lien costs for each tier.

In order to create a nice, even number of tax lien downloads for each tier (say, 600 instead of 589), each tier credited an amount to your account that was actually different than what you paid in dollars.


Yeah, it was on our end, too!

So, here’s an ode to simplification. All that other crap is gone now. Instead, we’re now using a token system.

Remember old video game arcades that ran on tokens? When I was a kid, these stores all operated the same: For every game, there was a very simple system: 1 token = 1 game play.

Trade dollars for tokens, then play games. Very simple, very straightforward.

Compare that to some other arcade places. Some games were two quarters, some were three quarters, etc. This is basically equivalent to how this site used to operate.

Now, we’re using tokens. From now on, pricing will be quoted based on how many tokens you get. Then, it’s simple: 1 token = 1 tax lien.

Phone numbers will continue to be provided free of charge for those lien records that we are able to find a phone number through our search system. Whether there is a phone number or not, it’s still 1 token = 1 tax lien.

I think this much simplified system will avoid confusion over the mismatch between amounts paid and amounts credited, in particular.

Please note also that we are eliminating the Unlimited tax lien plan, for everybody. There will be no grandfathering of accounts. All users will be switched to the NEW token-based plan that is closest to your current monthly fee. If you would prefer to cancel your subscription instead, then please let us know and we will stop your billing.

One last thing: This site has never had a defined “minimum order” policy. However, the new $199 plan essentially represents a monthly minimum order. As such, read this carefully: Monthly tokens are like cell phone minutes — they DO NOT roll over from month to month. Use ’em or lose ’em, in other words.

Please understand that all of these changes are intended to make this service sustainable. Now that I’m running the site again, it MUST be self-sustaining: I refuse to come out of pocket again like I was doing in 2013 to operate this thing. I’m a tax resolution practitioner just like you, so this site needs to be operated like a real business, not a hobby. If it’s not self-supporting, I’ll simply shut it down.

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