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Federal Tax Liens & COVID-19

As part of the IRS response to the coronavirus pandemic, most IRS Collections activities have been suspended. See this memo on IRS.gov.

This includes the filing of new Forms 668-Y, Notice of Federal Tax Lien. No new tax liens will be filed through July 15, 2020.

Since most county clerks are usually a few weeks behind on processing tax liens sent to them by the IRS, the availability of new tax lien data will begin to taper off over the course of the next several weeks. By mid-May, new tax lien filings will no longer be processed.

Due to this, it’s important to remember that aged tax liens usually produce equally successful marketing results as new liens. We recommend going back up to a full year to download older tax liens from our database for your telemarketing, direct mail, cold email, and PPC marketing efforts.

If you are not yet doing cold email and pay-per-click advertising, these methods can be added to your marketing strategy by running the tax liens through email append services (search the Internet for such providers, we do not offer that service). Then, upload those lists as custom audiences to your PPC ad platform, or do cold email, but be sure to apply all applicable best practices …
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